Gabriel Jacobs is a fine art photographer based in San Diego, CA. He works in a wide breadth of styles including street photography, staged sets and documentary work. Gabriel is a devout believer in the power of analog film as a core pillar in the medium of photography and thus almost exclusively shoots Medium and Large format. Photographing on a wide variety of cameras and emulsions he weaves narratives together to convey emotion in a raw visual form. Taking a keen interest in the subject he tends to become quite intimate with the subjects that make up his scene whether pursuing deep connections over months or using close family members.

As he is 18 he is still unaware of the exact themes and ideas he wishes to touch on and is always changing as he continues to learn and be mentored. Like those before him he hopes to evolve over time improving his work and widening his experiences. 

He is currently a Senior in High School and is in the process of applying to art school. Gabriel hopes to continue to learn and expand his skills as an artist in school and further perfect his understanding of himself, the medium and his work. 

This website is still under construction so more will be here with CV and more series info. I am adding more regularly.